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Are you always interrupted at work and therefore takes you longer to get things done and thus get home late? An office might not always be the best place to produce the best work. Because creativity and innovation require focus. And how can one focus if there is a distraction every few minutes? Be it noisy work environments, too many meetings, emails, notifications, phones buzzing and ringing – the list is endless. Having too many distractions at work reduce the quality of work, lead to missed deadlines and great losses in revenue. Our courses will enable you to focus and keep distractions to a minimum meaning you finish work on time and leave the office on time.


Do you have a poor relationship with your manager? The employee-manager relationship might singlehandedly might one of the key determinants of employee engagement. The way employees are managed can directly affect their level of commitment to the organization. The way managers communicate, help set realistic goals, deliver on their promises, lead by example and help their subordinates learn and grow matters a lot more than you might think. After all, employees don’t quit jobs but they quit managers. Our courses will help you to communicate with your manager to enjoy a healthier working relationship.


Does your job lack flexible options? Lack of flexible options such as work from home or casual Fridays can turn off employees. In fact, work from home option is something most employees look at while searching for a new job. A flexible schedule and options give employees the feeling that they have an option to achieve some sort of work-life balance. Too many rules and regulations are a thing of the past. As long as work is top notch quality and gets delivered on time, forceful rules are going to only hamper engagement levels. Our courses will enable you to virtually work from anyway, giving you the tools you need to work away from the office.


Who is wearing what to work, who is the boss’s favourite and why, who has the best sense of humour? These trivial discussions define office politics when people talk behind each other’s backs. Office politics can single-handedly bring down the entire culture of an organization. People with high emotional intelligence usually stay away from toxic cultures, as they can really feel its negative impact on themselves and the company. And when an employee cannot relate to the energies of his colleagues, it can create very uncomfortable circumstances. And the moment they get a better opportunity, they will take it. Our courses will enable you to improve office relationships and how to deal with potential problems as they come.


Do you lack recognition for your efforts at work? Only 1 in 3 people feel they were recognized the last time they went the extra mile at work. Employee recognition is the secret sauce of employee engagement. It provides the base for validation and recognition we all seek for a job well done. Studies have linked employee recognition programs to everything from customer satisfaction, a strong belief in core values and employee retention. If employees do not feel valued for their work or are made to feel like they matter, they are bound to leave the organization sooner or later. Our courses will teach you how to stand out from the crowd and get the recognition you deserve.


Do you lack time to upskill? Lack of access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) means that professionals can quickly lose touch with the latest developments in their field and stagnate. This affects not only career progression and staff retention but, most importantly, may risk safety and affect the quality of service that customers receive. Our courses are designed to fit in with your life and can be completed within 15 minutes a day. With over 198 courses on offer, we have a course for you. Even if you change careers or are looking to improve general skills then our course library is perfect for everyone. Our courses are accessible from our app so if you are travelling or waiting in line, you can still learn meaning there are no excuses for you not to learn. Better yet, you don’t need WIFI.


Is your CPR too expensive? Taking CPD include it being too expensive, finding the time, being motivated as well as finding good quality and relevant CPD opportunities. It’s important to remember that CPD does not just mean attending a training course or gaining a qualification, although these can be important and informative, it can include anything that helps you develop practice, knowledge and skills. Our courses are really affordable, less than £1 per course, there is no barrier to learning and staying on top.


Does IT always affect your productivity? How many times has the WiFi connection stopped working at your workplace? Or how many times has software taken weeks to understand, and once understood has collapsed or changed all over again? These might seem like minor issues but if they keep happening over and over again, employees are bound to lose their mind. Our courses enable you to make the most of the technology at your disposal and keep you ahead of the game.

Career Development Courses

Dealing with Difficult People

Success in dealing with conflict comes from understanding how we behave, as well as how we can influence others. If we approach difficulties as needing to take place in one or a series of conversations, and we approach those conversations with a plan, we will find that we have less difficult people to deal with.

Working Smarter: Using Technology to Your Advantage

Rudeness in the workplace is increasing to the level that universities are studying it. Everyone is busy, everyone is stressed, and most people take it out on their colleagues at one time or another. We’ve all been in a situation where we need to print something ASAP and someone has left the printer jammed, or we need coffee and the coffeepot is empty.


Self-leadership requires a commitment from individuals to decide what they want from life and to do what’s necessary to get the results they want. This course will help participants internalize the four pillars of self-leadership and to make meaningful, empowered choices while taking action to get where they want to go.

Research Skills

This course will teach you how to research any topic using a number of different tools. We will start with basic techniques, such as reading, memory recall, note-taking, and planning. We will also talk about creating different kinds of outlines for different stages of your project, and how to move from the outline to actual writing, editing, and polishing.

Project Management: All you Need to Know

In this course, you will gain experience using the most common project management execution tools from Project Tracking Forms, Risk Monitoring Tables to Communications Plans, Change Request Forms, Issues Logs and Lessons Learned Forms. Your small projects will be more successful than ever!

NLP Tools for Real Life

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP for short) is all about bringing your unconscious thoughts to the surface, so that you can have real choice over how you interact with and respond to the world. Once you have a grasp on NLP’s basic principles, you might be interested in learning about some tools that can help you do more with NLP.

Networking for Success

Business networking is an effective and efficient way for business people to connect, develop meaningful relationships, and grow their businesses. These achievements don’t come through a direct sales approach, however. They come from being interested in helping others, in listening, and in purposefully meeting and introducing people to one another.

Digital Citizenship: Conducting Yourself in a Digital World

The pace of the development of new technology is accelerating, and we find ourselves becoming increasingly dependent on technology to communicate with each other. As a result, we find ourselves spending more and more time living in a ‘digital world’.

Developing Your Executive Presence

Some people immediately command attention and respect when they walk into a room. Do you have that kind of presence? If not, is it something that you would like to develop? This course will help you do just that.

Writing Reports and Proposals

Whether you need to report on a product analysis, inventory, feasibility studies, or something else, report writing is a skill you will use again and again. Having a method to prepare these documents will help you be as efficient as possible with the task. This course will build on a solid base of writing skills to present information in formal, informal, and proposal styles.

Skills You Need for Workplace Success

This course looks to take you from where you are now to a new level of understanding for the key skills that will help to make you successful at work.

Time Management

Many people find that they flit from one task to another, trying to get everything done, but often falling short. You will learn how to make the most of your time by getting a grip on your workflow and office space, using your planner effectively, and delegating some of your work to other people.

Minute Taking

If people can’t remember or agree on what actually occurred at a meeting, how can the group effectively accomplish its objectives? After this course, you will understand your role as a minute-taker and the best techniques for producing minutes that include all the essential information needed.

Personal Brand: Maximizing Personal Impact

This course is about the type of impact we want to have in life and work. Participants will consider and define the influence that they can have on their life and work. They will also learn skills for success and how to create those circumstances.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself and others, that will determine how successful you are in life.

Advanced Writing Skills

This is a course for those who already are good writers. Our time will be devoted to writing letters of recommendation, of persuasion, of refusal, or of action, that reflect current word usage and up-to-date formats. You can also learn some basics about writing business cases, proposals, and reports.

Speaking Under Pressure

This course has been designed for those in positions where they must speak in front of audiences that are hostile or demanding. This material is also suitable for those who are relatively new speakers who want some encouragement to speak up in meetings or who want some training before they begin making presentations on behalf of the organization.

Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School

A great presenter has two notable qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. Confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. You will master the skills that will make you a better speaker and presenter.

Project Management Training: Understanding Project Management

In this course, we will walk you through the nuts and bolts of project management, from setting priorities to controlling expenses and reporting on the results. You may still have to cope with the unexpected, but you’ll be better prepared.

Creating Winning Proposals

Proposals are persuasive documents that are fundamental tools in organizational funding and output. This course will look at sources of funding, types of proposals and how to write proposals that will meet funding agencies requirements.

Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public

Do you get nervous when presenting at company meetings? Do you find it hard to make conversation at gatherings and social events? Do you lock up in awkward social situations? If so, this course is just for you! It’s aimed at anybody who wants to improve their speaking skills in informal situations.

Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People

Success in dealing with conflict comes from understanding how we behave, as well as how we can influence others. If we approach difficulties as needing to take place in one or a series of conversations, and we approach those conversations with a plan, we will find that we have less difficult people to deal with.

Conducting Accurate Internet Research

This course will teach students how to conduct accurate Internet research by creating a search plan, searching both the surface web and the deep web, and staying organized. Students will also learn how to think critically and find the best sources for their Internet search.

Mastering the Interview

The interview is one of the key elements of the job search process. As with any skill, we can get better at it with preparation and practice. In this course, participants will explore how to prepare for an interview and become familiar with the types of questions to expect, as well as the questions they should think about asking.

Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance

This course will help participants understand the causes and costs of workplace pressure, the benefits of creating balance, and how to identify pressure points. They will also learn how to apply emotional intelligence, increase optimism and resilience, and develop strategies for getting ahead.

Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

In order to truly achieve the results that you want to achieve, you must master the art of bringing your unconscious thoughts to the surface, so that you can have real choice over how you interact with and respond to the world.

Influence and Persuasion

If you want a raise, sometimes you need to persuade your boss. If you want to convince your team to adopt a change, help your staff make choices, or choose the best place for lunch, there is often influencing taking place. This course will help participants learn how to influence and persuade in a variety of areas.

Identifying and Combatting Fake News

This course will highlight the essentials of fake news: spotting it, coping with it, and growing from it — turning a potential crisis into opportunities for promotion and connection.

Honing and Delivering your Message

This course will prepare students to develop a message and remain on topic when they are presenting that message to the media and public without straying from the point, or points, they want to make.

Goal Setting

We all have things we want in life. The route to success is to take the things that we dream about and wish for, and turn them into reality. This course will lead participants through thinking, planning, and taking action on the things they really want. They will learn ways to ensure that they get where they want to go in life.

Getting Your Job Search Started

Whether you are already in the midst of a job search or just thinking about it, this course will help you to determine what your skill set is made up of, the kind of work that is important and realistic to include in your search, and how to get started.

Getting Stuff Done

We will explore various time management and organizational tools and techniques so that you can build a customized productivity plan for your personal and professional lives. At the end of the course, you will emerge with a plan that works for you, so that you can start regaining control of your life!

Working with the Media: Creating a positive working relationship

Being uneasy is perfectly understandable, but you can learn to deal with the media, on a one-off basis, or as a recurring situation. This course will give you the tools you need when dealing with the media and putting your best foot forward without putting your foot in your mouth.

Critical Elements of Customer Service

This course is designed around six critical elements of customer service that, when a company truly embraces them, bring customers back to experience service that outdoes the competition.

Critical Thinking Skills

The ability to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling way has become a key skill for survival in today’s world.

Creative Thinking and Innovation

While some people seem to be simply bursting with creativity, others find it a struggle to think outside the square. If you fall into the latter category, it is important to understand that boosting your creative and innovative abilities takes practice.

Communication Strategies

A major goal of this course is to help participants understand the impact that their communication skills have on other people. They will also explore how improving these skills can make it easier for them to get along in the workplace, and in life.

Business Writing that Works

In business writing, the language is concrete, the point of view is clear, and the points are well expressed. Good writing is hard work, and even the best writers get discouraged. This course will give you the tools to become a better writer.

Business Etiquette: Gaining that Extra Edge

What can be damaging to your career are the social gaffes you aren’t even aware you make. This course will help you handle most of those socially difficult moments.

Building your Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills

In this course, you will discover some techniques that can dramatically change how you feel about yourself, and how you approach the world to get the things that you want.

Active Listening

Active listening encompasses the best of communication, including listening to what others are saying, processing the information, and responding to it in order to clarify and elicit more information.

Creating a Dynamic Job Portfolio

The job market continues to change, as does the way we look for work. This course examines the value of presenting yourself as a complete package by using a resume as an introduction to an employer and backing it up with a portfolio presented at the interview.

Becoming a Better Learner

This course will help you to become a better learner, and as a result make you a more valuable employee and well-rounded individual.

Stress Management

Many people feel the demands of the workplace, combined with the demands of home, have become too much to handle. This course explores the causes of such stress, and suggests general and specific stress management strategies that people can use every day.

Becoming Management Material

This course is a tool for your leadership development. It is designed to help you create and accomplish your personal best, and to help you lead others to get extraordinary things done.

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Do you struggle with Cash Flow? All businesses need to be vigilant that their revenue covers operational costs, as well as the cost of goods and financing. Late payments by customers or other mishaps can impact the balance sheet, as well as the general health of your business – especially if you have smaller margins and reserves. Stay on top of your accounting! Make sure your books are always up to date so you always have an accurate picture of your finances. You want to be able to make the best decisions, based on accurate data. Build up a cash reserve. This may mean paying yourself less for a while, but having that cushion could really make a difference. As much as you want to keep your customers happy, you will need to draw the line when it comes to delinquent accounts. Stay polite, but keep firm. Take formal or legal action if you have to. That said, offering customers easy ways to pay may help a lot, such as through a digital online payment system. Truthfully, in this day and age, you could be at a competitive disadvantage without one.

Do you struggle with Online Marketing? Just because you don’t have the marketing budget of a large company doesn’t mean you can’t convert customers effectively. As consumers become more tech-savvy and Internet traffic continues to grow, you will need to make sure you are in a position to get a piece of the pie. Get a handle on content marketing. Company blogs and social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, just to name a few big platforms) don’t have to be expensive. Just make sure you are consistent. Post regularly, preferably at the same intervals. There are many online tools to help organise your postings. Make sure that your posts appear more informative than sales-oriented.  Pay attention to your best customers. This can help you hone in on the best target audience for your marketing campaigns. In addition, if you can somehow showcase them – and what you’ve done for them – on your website, you can attract similar customers. Stay connected with your customers with email marketing. Provide them with engaging content – informative as well as sales-related – on a regular basis to inspire repeat business. This is also a great way to share your newest blogs or customer success stories.

Are your customers satisfied with your customer service? Good customer service is integral to the success of any business. Building up a good customer base isn’t just about attracting buyers but also about keeping them. Sales are great, but repeat sales and referrals from happy customers are even better. Make sure you monitor your social media accounts in addition to posting, so you can respond to any questions, concerns, or feedback right away. No one likes to feel ignored. Conversely, businesses that are able to respond quickly are favoured more highly than those perceived not to be listening. Keep your website up to date and accurate, and make sure your customer service is on the same page. Customers hate conflicting or inconsistent information. If your website says one thing but your salesperson or customer care representative says another, it will erode customer trust and does not look professional.

Are your Employees engaged? Finding good people can be a challenge. Keeping good people can be just as hard, especially if you’re worried that your salary packages may not be as high as those offered by bigger companies. What’s important to remember is that money isn’t all that people look for in a longer-term job. Hire an effective management team. You’ll be surprised at how often people leave jobs because they don’t like their supervisors or don’t have confidence in them. Ideally, you want managers who know the business and how to lead by example. Find people who have the emotional intelligence and soft skills to communicate with employees. Engage your employees. Studies have shown that employees who feel invested in the business tend to stay longer and work harder for the company. Show employees how their work is helping the company progress towards its business goals so they feel they have a stake in the success of the business.

Are you stressed? Lack time? It’s not uncommon for small business owners to wear multiple hats in their companies, simply because they don’t have the luxury of multiple departments and the ability to focus only on growing the business. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day operations and to get overwhelmed by the “to do” list. Keep up with technology that can help you run the business more efficiently. Automate where you can. For example, there is a lot of specialised business software out there that can help you track accounts, do your payroll, and other administrative tasks.  Make sure you allot time for self-care. Being a small business owner is neither simple nor easy. It’s tempting to burn the candle at both ends, especially at the beginning, but you burning out will impact the business more detrimentally than if you manage your expectations and delegate where you can.

Business Courses

Knowledge Management

Understanding how to manage the knowledge within your organization is the key to business success. Mismanagement of organizational knowledge comes with a price: frustrated employees, angry customers, and decreased productivity. All of these things can affect a business’ bottom line. The purpose behind knowledge management is to help us bridge organizational gaps and to use our greatest asset (our knowledge) to take our business performance to the next level.


Who wants to feel empowered and recognized for their innovative and creative ideas? Who wants to make a difference? If you answered yes to these questions, then this course will help you become energized and ready to push your ideas forward. After you complete this course, you will have ways to get started and implement your plans.

Global Business Strategies

Topics such as trade financing, regulatory considerations, international business planning, sustainability, and much more are included in this course. The materials here are well suited for small and medium sized business leaders as they prepare to take their company into the global marketplace.

Building a Consultancy Business

Today’s business environment isn’t focused on 9-to-5, lifelong, static positions like it was decades ago. Our world is constantly shifting and evolving, meaning that businesses (and workers) must evolve with it. As a result of this shift, consultants have more opportunities than ever before.

Writing a Business Plan

This course is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to create a business plan. All the essential steps are covered, including drafting the original document; identifying the audience; gathering information; researching; describing product plans; and marketing, sales, and accounting terms.

Marketing for Small Businesses

This will help small business owners and managers develop their marketing message, create a marketing plan, and apply the right strategies.

Making your Business Better

This course will highlight the essentials of business acumen, from relationship selling to team building, through to planning and marketing, that will position your company to grow and thrive today and in the future.

Building an Online Business

The Internet has changed the way that we work, live, shop, and play. You can take advantage of this new way of doing business whether you want to set up a part-time venture or create the next enterprise. This course will give you everything that you need to build a successful online business.

E-Commerce Management

This course will teach entrepreneurs how to develop, market, and manage an e-commerce business, giving them a crucial advantage in today’s competitive market.

Entrepreneurship 101

Wouldn’t it be nice to be your own boss, work on your own schedule, and make money doing something that you’re passionate about? Millions of people around the world are living that dream and running their own business. This course will teach you the basics of entrepreneurship.

Business Writing that Works

In business writing, the language is concrete, the point of view is clear, and the points are well expressed. Good writing is hard work, and even the best writers get discouraged. This course will give you the tools to become a better writer.

Building a Brand on Social Media

Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch, or strengthen an existing brand, this course will help you build a brand using social media. We’ll cover how to build a social media strategy, identify social media platforms that fit your brand, craft strong messages that will engage your audience, and evaluate and revise your strategy.

Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business 2016 is an instant messaging platform that includes voice calling, video conferencing, and a variety of collaboration features. This course is intended to help learners use Skype for Business 2016 to communicate with their colleagues in different ways.

Basic Business Management: Boot Camp for Business Owners

Owning a business requires a vision balanced with attention to detail. You need to be a generalist who understands the multiple aspects of running a business, as well as the ability to step back and see the big picture and to reach into the future.

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Do you have outdated processes, policies and workflows? Do you ever find yourself answering the question of “why are we doing it this way?” with “because we’ve always done it this way.”? You’re certainly not alone. Think about restrictive dress codes, or archaic policies, or even the vendors you work with. Outdated business processes tend to increase their shelf life in organizations “just because.” What about the answer, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”? However, if you analyze the impact of an outdated business process on your bottom line, your ability to compete and service your customers, and the time it’s steals from your employees… it is broken, and it needs to be supplanted by a better way.


Does your Company suffer from management of leadership? No ship can set sail without a captain, and the same is true of businesses. Without the right leadership, a business will almost certainly fail even if the best possible employees are on hand. There’s a reason leaders in organizations get paid the big bucks. Sometimes it’s the wrong fit, someone leaders get burned out and don’t step down or sometimes the leaders had no right being there in the first place. Effective leadership is critical in virtually any type of for-profit or service-based organization. When company managers lack the ability to provide direction, coaching and training and motivation for staff, the organizational culture and morale often suffer.


Do you have outdated tools or technology? For most businesses, technology is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps you run your business and remain competitive. On the other hand, updating hardware and software requires ongoing investments in time and money. Technology is evolving rapidly. Something that’s state-of-the-art today may be woefully obsolete in a year or so.  Learning how to use new tools, especially when you’re comfortable with what you’re used to, can be time-consuming and frustrating.  Plus, implementing a new infrastructure can be costly and has the potential for major business interruptions.


Is there a negative workplace culture? The effect that a negative company culture can have can be huge. Often contributing to increased employee turnover and decreased motivation. These can then influence their work, aiding in the production of work that is perhaps not as great as it otherwise could have been. However, because a strong corporate culture is sometimes an afterthought, many companies fall into the trap of contributing to a negative corporate culture.


Is there insufficient training? Training is a necessity in the workplace. Without it, employees don’t have a firm grasp on their responsibilities or duties. A company that lacks a proper training program cannot sustain a working business model, because the workplace is likely full of workers who have only a slight idea of how to complete their work. Your employees can contribute to the success of your company when they are trained to perform their jobs according to industry standards. Training, which is essential for management as well as staff, typically consists of several classes onsite or at a different location during orientation. Some companies consider in-depth training an unnecessary expense and expect new employees to learn on the job from supervisors and older employees. However, this type of training is often inadequate and creates problems for the business. Untrained employees cannot produce high-quality products. If they also lack adequate knowledge and skills to provide satisfactory customer service, this combination results in dissatisfied customers. The company will experience declining sales if dissatisfied customers choose competitors who can provide quality products and appropriate service.

Human Resources Courses

Anger Management

Anger is a universal experience. Dogs get angry, bees get angry, and so do humans. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that managing anger productively is something few individuals, organizations, and societies do well. Yet research tells us that those who do manage their anger at work are much more successful than those who don’t.

Understanding and Coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic

This course aims to combat this by helping people understand the situation, and what they can do to protect themselves and others, while looking after their mental wellness.

Transgender Employees: Creating an Inclusive Work Community

Creating an Inclusive Work Community is a course to introduce the importance and elements of safe inclusive workspaces for Transgender persons – those identifying as a gender other than the one assigned at birth.

Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams

Success as a manager is heavily influenced by how well your team operates and what kind of results they achieve. Is your team able to solve problems? Can they resolve conflict? Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best? Do they work well together?

Public Relations Bootcamp

The field of public relations has changed with the evolution of computers and the speed with which information can spread. However, the need for public relations to be clear, concise, and accurate while being completely appropriate for the situation has not changed. In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to determine the type of information required, to approach PR strategically, create compelling releases, and manage your media relations.

Employee Induction

A thoughtful new employee orientation program, coupled with an employee handbook (or website) that communicates workplace policies, can reduce turnover and those reductions save your organization money. Whether your company has two employees or a thousand employees, don’t leave employee retention to chance.

Onboarding: The Essential Rules for a Successful Onboarding Program

Did you know that most employees decide to leave a job within their first 18 months with an organization? When an employee does leave, it usually costs about three times their salary to replace them. You can greatly increase the likelihood that a new employee will stay with you by implementing a well-designed onboarding program that will guide the employee through their first months with the company.

Kickstarting Your Business with Crowdsourcing

Today’s fast-paced marketplace demands that businesses think fast. Crowdsourcing can help all types of businesses keep on top of trends and stay competitive. This course will show you how to leverage all types of crowdsourcing (including microwork, macrowork, crowdvoting, crowdcontests, crowdwisdom, and crowdfunding) to kickstart your business’ growth.

Generation Gap: Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace

There are currently five generations in the workforce. Only a few short years ago employers who were expecting to be faced with mass retirements are now looking at accommodating workers who cannot afford to retire, or are simply healthy and happy enough they’d like to stay at work. However, the labour force continues to put in hard work and lots of strategy to find the right people to fill vacancies and to be able to serve their customers.

Succession Planning

Succession planning can help you make the most of that change by ensuring that when someone leaves, there is someone new to take their place. This course will teach you the basics about creating and maintaining a succession plan.

Successfully Managing Change

Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth, to see and learn about new things, or who like to shift the status quo. Some changes, however, are harder to adjust to and lead to expressions of resistance and anger.

Employee Recognition: Appreciating your Workforce

Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. Some people like more recognition than others, but it’s all important on some level. It can be doubly important in the workplace, as it keeps employees happy and therefore results in a strong business that serves customers well and keeps the bottom line strong.

Employee Dispute Resolution: Mediation Through Peer Review

This course will teach you everything you need to know about employee dispute resolution through mediation.

Talent Management

This course will provide you with just what it takes to have the right people ready. It will help you create a program to measure the talents of your people and how to help them grow in preparation for the future. It will also help you support and grow your organization by teaching you how to apply the most current research and adapt your organization to the ever-changing marketplaces.

Accounting Skills for New Supervisors

Many of us flinch when we hear terms like depreciation, cash flow, balance sheet, and (worst of all!) budgets. However, these are all important concepts to understand if you’re going to succeed in today’s business world, particularly as a supervisor. Even better, financial terms are not as scary as they seem!

Problem Solving and Decision Making

The key to finding creative solutions is not just creativity, although that will certainly help. The answer rests in our ability to identify options, research them, and then put things together in a way that works. Having a process to work through can take the anxiety out of problem solving and make decisions easier.

Hiring for Success

Interviewing sounds easy enough: you arrange for a conversation between you and potential candidates, and then select the best person for a particular position. This course will give you the skills and tools to hire successful candidates.

Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity can be defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness or a composition which is both new and valuable. How do we tap into our creativity when corporations and organization require or expect it?

Building Better Teams

With teams at the core of corporate strategy, your success as an organization can often depend on how well you and other team members operate together. How are your problem-solving skills? Is the team enthusiastic and motivated to do its best? Do you work well together? This course can help you get there!

Disability Awareness: Working with People with Disabilities

People with disabilities represent a significant and largely underutilized resource for businesses. Many disabled persons are underemployed or unemployed. As a result of advocates for diversity, as well as a shrinking labour pool, employers are taking a serious look at hiring and retaining people with disabilities.

Appreciative Inquiry

AI is a method for implementing change that is rooted in being positive, sharing stories of things that work well, and leveraging people’s strengths and the power of co-creation to initiate lasting, powerful changes that can make an organization the best it has ever been, because of people who care and are committed.

Managing Customer Service

The need to lead, model, and promote the organizational values within a customer service environment is essential for business success. This course will provide you with opportunities to explore your responsibilities within your role as a leader (supervisor or manager) in a customer service environment.

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Sales and Marketing Courses

10-Minute Presentations

In 10-Minute Presentations, you will learn how to craft and polish an engaging, professional presentation that shares your message and call to action swiftly and clearly. This will maximize your impact, conversions and productivity.


Virtually everybody in sales today sells over the phone at least part of the time. Perhaps it is time for you to evaluate how you use the telephone and where it fits into your sales and marketing mix.

Social Selling

In this course, we’re going to explore how social selling is an essential requirement for sales teams, and how the relationships that are created and nurtured within social media will help you grow and sustain your business. We’ll also learn how to apply specific techniques to connect with your audience and potential fans in the social space.

Selling Smarter

It’s no secret that the sales industry continues to change and evolve rapidly. This is an exciting and dynamic profession, although it is often underrated and misunderstood. The back-slapping, high pressure, joke-telling sales person has disappeared. In his place is a new generation of sales professionals: highly trained and well groomed, with the characteristics of honesty, trustworthiness, and competence.

Trade Shows: Getting the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience

Most companies spend huge amounts of time and money designing, construction, outfitting, transporting, and setting up their trade show booth. This course aims to have you understand some of the basic skills that would allow you to get the most out of your trade show experience.

Creating a Google AdWords Campaign

In this course, participants will learn how Google AdWords work, what pay per click means, the importance of correctly setting an AdWord budget, how to select keywords and set up ad groups, how to design a compelling ad, and how to make adjustments to increase success.

Dynamite Sales Presentations

A great sales presentation does not demand that you have all the bells and whistles to impress the client with your technical skills. This course will show you how to create a winning proposal and how to turn it into a dynamite sales presentation.

CRM: An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management

This course sorts through a myriad of information and brings you the basics you need to make a decision about the need for CRM, its benefits, and how to coordinate the base requirements for a CRM undertaking.

Call Center Training

Whether we choose to embrace them or cannot stand being interrupted by their calls, call centers are a business element that is here to stay. This course will help call center agents learn to make the most of their telephone-based work, including understanding the best ways to listen and be heard.

Prospecting for Leads like a Pro

After this course, you will know who to target and how to target them, and commit to do some prospecting every day through warming up cold calls, following up on leads, or networking. You will also build your personal prospecting plan and learn how to ensure your future by planting seeds daily.

Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale

If you are like most sales professionals, you are always looking for ways to overcome customer objections and close the sale. This course will help you to work through objectives effectively.

Building Relationships for Success in Sales

No one questions that making friends is a good thing. In this course, you are going to discover that the business of business is making friends, and the business of all sales professionals is making friends and building relationships.

Creating and Managing your Corporate Brand

A good brand is much more than an attractive image combined with some witty type. Your brand must reflect the heart and soul of your product, and offer a promise that you can live up to. This course will get you started on the road to creating a perfect brand.

Marketing and Sales

A small marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t meet your goals and business objectives. You just have to be more creative in your marketing tactics. This course will show you how to get maximum exposure at minimum cost.

Body Language: Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool

Body language can make or break our efforts to establish long, trusting relationships. Our body language can help to reinforce and add credibility to what we say, or it can contradict our words. What is your body language saying about you?

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Do you know everyone in your team? New managers require time to get to know everyone. Discovering your team’s unique skill set, personality, struggles, and goals is a process. Task yourself with learning about each of your employees – trust us, it’s time well spent. The more you get to know each employee, the more you’ll develop effective leadership skills that resonate. We have training to help managers improve the quality of their conversations so they can build better connections with their employees.

Have you shifted your mindset from contributor to leader? In your previous role as an employee, your main focus was on accomplishing your tasks and helping your team reach objectives. Now, your mandate is to help others reach their goals, by nurturing their growth and strategizing from the sidelines. You can help them understand “what” needs to be done and “why”, but “how” to do it (i.e. the actual execution of the work) is up to them. We developed courses to help you navigate your new role. From how to hire and onboard new employees to how to promote team performance!

Are you under pressure to perform as a new manager? New managers often feel pressure to perform. Since you’ve been given an incredible opportunity, it’s human nature to want to demonstrate your value to the organization and team. Remind yourself that you were chosen for this position for a reason. You deserve to be there. Becoming a leader is a learning process, and you will learn the most from the experiences you gain along the way. If you’re a new manager and want a comprehensive guide to help you transition smoothly to your new role, we’ve got you covered.

Have you established your emotional intelligence skills? One fundamental leadership skill that will distinguish yourself from a good manager to a great leader is Emotional Intelligence. Building self-awareness, having the ability to empathize with team members, and understanding how to regulate emotions (especially when the pressure mounts) will put you in the best position to support your team. Bonus: it will also give you a competitive advantage: companies need mindful leaders. Thankfully, soft skills and Emotional Intelligence can be learned. Sign up for our email course to help you build up your EQ with fun and simple homework to apply in your day-to-day.

Have you shifted from the details to a birds-eye view? Individual contributors focus on nitty-gritty details associated with a daily task or project. You may have developed perfectionist tendencies as a result. Now you’re a manager, so you’ll have to go through the (sometimes) uncomfortable process of letting go. As enticing as it may be to give your input on every-little-thing, the role of a manager is to nurture your team’s strengths and develop within their role. Simply put, your job requires you to execute less on details and more on the bigger picture of the organisation. Know that your job is to provide direction based on larger business objectives.

Do you manage your time? After succeeding in your old role, it can be difficult to schedule your days when your new responsibilities no longer include executing on tasks. Time management is an important skill for you to develop not only for yourself, but also for your team. Reminder: your team comes first. It’s up to you to prioritize projects, tasks, and initiatives for your team based on strategic business objectives, but you also need to set aside time for your own development. That might look like working with a coach, reading up on management techniques, or speaking to other leaders about strategies and approaches they’ve used to manage employees successfully. Set aside dedicated time in your agenda for employee “office hours”. Whether it’s done remotely or in an office, reserving this block of time reminds your team that their needs are your priority.

Have you set clear goals and expectations? Providing clarity is one of the most important skills to develop as a new manager, and it’s not always easy. Each employee requires a clear understanding of the company’s mission as well as their team’s objectives. This helps to frame how their individual contribution and goal-setting has an impact. Monthly 1-on-1s are a great way to make sure you and your employees are on the same page. Use this time to set goals and action items, then follow up in the next meeting.

Do you give and ask for regular feedback? Feedback might seem like an intimidating topic to talk about. Whether you’re giving it, or on the receiving end, it’s important for you to know how your team feels about your management style. Knowing our individual strengths and pain points helps us identify how to move forward as a team and boosts personal development. Consequently, you’ll boost employee engagement and productivity. Giving employees a safe space to share their thoughts anonymously will help you have conversations you otherwise might miss. That’s why 84% of employees trust their direct manager.

Do you encouraging productivity? As a manager, one of the keys to your success is to make sure your team is productive and performing at their best. This can be a challenge because team members may have different needs and work in different ways. Some employees prefer working in the afternoons, some in the morning, others require specific instructions, while others like to have more autonomy. Host short daily meetings where everyone runs through their tasks for the day to the team. This promotes visibility in a remote work environment, and encourages employees to set clear intentions and goals for the day.

Do you do your own hiring for your team? Hiring someone new and introducing them to the team is a big decision. Don’t be shy to ask other managers or people from the HR team for help and advice. A great way to hire someone is by asking them to perform a work sample test. Give them a small project and a clear deadline, see how well they do and base your criteria on your team principles. Allow your team to give their input and communicate how they feel this person would contribute in the long term.

Do you need to let go of an employee? Letting someone go from your team is a tough decision to make. Keep communication open with your team to make sure that they can recover from the loss. Put contingency plans in place to compensate for the gap that will be created in your team and their workflow. Set up a time to address the termination with each employee. Discuss how you plan to move forward as a team.


Do you need to delegate? It’s part of the process as a new manager to feel a level of pressure about having all the answers. Did you know? It’s totally okay if you don’t. In fact, it’s encouraged. Every manager had to start their leadership path at some point and felt as though they needed guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask and seek advice when you need it. Be vocal to your HR team about learning and development training that you may not know is available to you. Reach out to mentors, people you admire in your industry. These conversations are golden opportunities that will help you and your team succeed.

Supervisor and Manager Courses

Motivation Training: Motivating your Workforce

It’s no secret that employees who feel they are valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible, and productive. This course will help supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal, and energized workplace.

Fostering Innovation

Innovation in its purest form means to create something new, but it can also mean better solutions, new methods of doing something, finding more efficient and effective ways of completing a task, or creating new processes or workflows.

The Professional Supervisor

This course can help you overcome many of the problems a new supervisor may encounter, and to set the groundwork for a successful change in your working life!

The ABC’s of Supervising Others

This course is designed to help participants overcome many of the supervisory problems that they will encounter as a workplace leader. Dealing with the problems that a new supervisor encounters isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to discouragement.

Project Management Fundamentals

Project management isn’t just for construction engineers and military logistics experts anymore. Today, in addition to the regular duties of your job, you are often expected to take on extra assignments, and to get that additional job done well, done under budget, and done on time.

Negotiating for Results

Negotiating is about resolving differences. People who can master the process of negotiation find they can save time and money, develop a higher degree of satisfaction with outcomes at home and at work, and earn greater respect in their communities when they understand how to negotiate well.

Risk Management

Risk management has long been a key part of project management and it has also become an increasingly important part of organizational best practices. Corporations have realized that effective risk management can not only reduce the negative impact of crises; it can provide real benefits and cost savings.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is a crucial part of any business’ success. Optimizing the flow of products and services as they are planned, sourced, made, delivered, and returned can give your business an extra competitive edge. This course will introduce you to the basic concepts of supply chain management, including the basic flow, core models, supply chain drivers, key metrics, benchmarking techniques, and ideas for taking your supply chain to the next level.

From Boss to Leader

Bad bosses. Almost everyone has had at least one in their working career. You do not want to be the bad boss in your work environment, the one who causes good employees to cringe when you enter the room. Or worse yet, you do not want to be the one who causes good people to leave the company. You want to be the type of manager that employees are willing to go the extra mile for.

Performance Management: Managing Employee Performance

How do you create a motivating environment that encourages people to go beyond their best? This course will give you some of those skills.

Managing Virtual Workplace

There are benefits to today’s virtual workplace, but there can be challenges, too. This course will teach managers and supervisors how to prepare employees for the virtual workplace, create telework programs, build virtual teams, leverage technology, and overcome cultural barriers.

Managing Difficult Conversations

We have so many interactions in the run of a day, it’s reasonable to expect that some of them are going to be difficult. Whether these are conversations that you have in person, or you manage a virtual team and need to speak with someone in another city, there are things that you can do to make these conversations go smoothly. This course will give you the tools to manage difficult conversations and get the best results possible out of them.

Conversational Leadership

Conversational leadership provides the space and infrastructure for knowledge sharing to take place; for employees, stakeholders, and the community to be involved in discussing big, important questions; and to generate solutions that people within the organization can take action on.

Conference and Event Management

Although it does take plenty of creativity to design an event that is memorable and meaningful, it also takes careful attention to detail, adaptability, effective delegating, and a lot of work. This course will walk you through the process of event management, from the beginning stages of planning, to the final touches (like decorations, food, and music).

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are an essential component of employee development. The performance review meeting is an important aspect of career planning, and the outcomes of the meeting should be known to the employee and supervisor before the meeting actually takes place.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coach, Mentor, Role Model, Supporter, Guide… do these words ring a bell? Being a coach involves being able to draw from several disciplines. Coaching is based on a partnership that involves giving both support and challenging opportunities to employees. Mentorship is a related skill that is often a part of coaching. It’s about being a guide, offering wisdom and advice when it is needed.

Budgets and Managing Money

For managers in today’s business world, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of finance. We all play a role in our organization’s financial health, whether we realize it or not. If you don’t have training or a background in finance, you may be at a disadvantage as you sit around the management table. This course will help you prepare budgets and make decisions with confidence.

Women and Leadership: Owning Your Strengths and Skills

This course will explore the history of women in the workforce and offer personal opportunities for exploration, identification, and development of leadership strengths and skills.

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

You are the crucial interface between the employee on the shop floor or the service desk and the managers of the organization. This course will give you the skills in communication, coaching, and conflict that you need to be successful.

Inventory Management: The Nuts and Bolts

This course will discuss all aspects of inventory management, including common terms, the inventory cycle, how to maintain inventory accuracy, and what some of the latest trends are.

Intermediate Project Management

This course is intended for participants who understand the conceptual phase of a project’s life cycle, including setting goals, creating a vision statement, and creating the Statement of Work. This course will take participants through the remaining three stages: planning, execution, and termination.

HR for the Non-HR Manager

This course will introduce those managers to human resource concepts. We will walk you through the hiring process, from performing a skills inventory to conducting the interview; discuss orientation; and cover some issues that arise after the hiring (such as diversity issues, compensation, and discipline).

Effective Planning and Scheduling

This course will not disclose the secret of creating an accurate schedule, because there isn’t one. However, it will provide the factors and fundamental elements that you should consider and address when creating any type of schedule.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a collaborative problem-solving process based on design used in artistic endeavours. Whether you are involved with marketing, product development, customer service, or leadership — you can benefit from Design Thinking.

Meeting Management

Meetings come in all shapes and sizes, from the convention to a quick huddle in an office hallway. This course will be concerned with small working meetings; with groups that have a job to do requiring the energy, commitment, and talents of those who participate.

The Art of Delegating Effectively

Delegation is often one of the hardest skills for a manager to master. However, the skill can be learned. This course will explore many of the facets of delegation, including when to delegate and to whom to delegate.

Tough Topics: Talking to Employees about Personal Hygiene

We’ll look at some common tough conversations that come up, including body odor, flatulence, poor clothing and hair decisions, and bad breath.

Workplace Health and Safety: The Supervisors Role and Responsibilities

This course aims to provide an understanding of the supervisor’s role in organizational health and safety. It will explore the requirements of due diligence, the rights of workers, supervisor and worker health and safety requirements, employee competency, and the role of Health and Safety Committees.

Advanced Project Management

It’s easy to forget the “manager” part of your “project manager” title among the other range of activities you are responsible for. However, your management skills are an important part of your success as a project manager, so it is crucial that you grow both of those skill sets. There are also some advanced project management techniques that you can master to help bring your projects to successful completion.

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Workplace Essentials Courses

Creating a Workplace Wellness Program

With increasing costs of health care, a shrinking workforce, and aging workers, a savvy workplace understands the value in supporting workers to improve their conditioning and to live a fitter lifestyle. This course includes all aspects of designing or upgrading a program, from concept through implementation, to review.

Workplace Violence

Violence of any sort has many roots. Sometimes there are warning signs of workplace violence, but this is not always the case. It is up to us to learn whatever we can to prevent, identify, and mitigate any threats, and this comprehensive workshop includes everything a workplace leader needs to get started.

Workplace Harassment: What It is and What to Do About It

Financial repercussions are not the only reason why workplaces need to be proactive when it comes to preventing harassment. This type of behaviour has harmful effects on the victims such as health and self-esteem problems, as well as negative impacts on the workplaces where it occurs.

Workplace Ergonomics

The human body is a fragile system, and we put many demands on it every day. Activities like reaching to get supplies off of a shelf, sitting in front of a computer for hours every day, and moving heavy products around the shop can all take a toll on our bodies.

Safety in the Workplace

Workplace accidents and injuries cost corporations millions of dollars and thousands of hours lost every year. They also have a profound, often lifelong impact on workers. Introducing a safety culture into your organization, where safety is valued as an integral part of the business’s operation, not only saves the business time and money, it also builds a committed, loyal, healthy workforce.

Strategic Planning

If you and the people who work with you don’t understand where the company is going, they may all develop their own priorities and actually prevent you from getting where you need to be. Part of getting everyone on board is creating a strategic plan complete with the organization’s values, vision, and mission.

Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo

This course is designed to introduce students to basic concepts of Six Sigma particularly in continuous process improvement. Various quality tools used in process improvements will be explored as well as the importance of customer relationships. Courses in Lean, quality and teams will provide knowledge on the other aspects of how Six Sigma works.

Lean Process Improvement

Lean principles have come a long way over the past 300 years. From Benjamin Franklin’s early ideas, to Henry Ford’s work in the 1920’s and the Toyoda precepts in the 1930’s, to Jeffery Liker’s publication of The Toyota Way in 2004, Lean processes have evolved from a simple concept to a set of widely used best practices.

Developing a High Reliability Organization

This course will explore how organizations maintain high reliability even in times of serious crisis and stability. We will share their secrets in a way that can be applied to all organizations in order to create high reliability and continued.

GDPR: Creating a Data Privacy Plan

The Data Privacy Plan is the best way an organization can document and enforce the privacy of personal information they hold. It puts in place procedures and guidance for how to properly handle data, respond to information requests, and deal with unexpected incidents or breaches.

Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

More than ever, a workplace is a diverse collection of individuals proud of who they are: their gender, their sexual orientation, their religion, their ethnic background, and all the other components that make an individual unique. One of the challenges for workplace leaders is how to help these diverse individuals work as a team.

Developing a Safety Procedures Manual

Safety procedures are the backbone of an organization’s Safety Management System. They provide consistency and when followed create a safe working environment and greater productivity due to less injury down time. However, safety procedure writing is more difficult and time consuming than it at first appears.

Continuous Improvement with Lean

Companies everywhere, no matter what their industry, can benefit from the principles of continuous improvement with Lean. Whether they adopt a very formal process or commit to something less structured, they can follow its principles and improve their bottom line by reducing wasted time and resources.

Becoming a Progressive Employer

Employers can be considered progressive for numerous reasons, from the way they treat their staff to their approach to technology. This course will point the way towards being a progressive employer for those who wish to be on the forefront of employee relations and develop an innovative stance on business.

Environmental Audit Primer

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct internal environmental audits. Practical, proven techniques for planning, conducting, and reporting on internal environmental audits will be introduced.

Environmental Sustainability: A Practical Approach to Greening Your Organization

In this course participants will learn about EMS and how it can benefit their organization. Through the use of a Case Study and information they bring about their own company participants will leave with a draft EMS for their organization.

Encouraging Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Business

The reality is that every company, whether it is a micro-business or a large multinational corporation, can take steps to create sustainable, socially responsible environments that contribute to positive workplaces, communities, and futures.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation looks different for every business, but at its core, it means altering how a company operates with the addition of technology and with the goal of improving the customer experience and the workplace.

Crisis Management

Viable organizations need to be ready for emergencies because they are a fact of doing business. The worst plan is not to have any kind of plan at all, and the best plans are tested and adjusted so that they work over time.

Creating Successful Staff Retreats

Many of the things we really need to get done take longer than the two hours you have in meeting time. As well, the retreat itself can bring about a change in approach not possible sitting in your boardroom for a meeting. This course will give you tools to be able to create staff retreats that are successful and help to bolster productivity, sales and positive workplace culture.

Business Process Management

This course will introduce you to business process management. You’ll learn how business processes can help you improve your company’s bottom line by providing a higher level of quality and consistency for your customers.

Purchasing and Procurement Basics

Purchasing and procurement functions are about much more than bringing goods and services into an organization. They are the foundation of strong, collaborative relationships with suppliers. In this course, students will learn the basics of procurement, including what a supply chain looks like, the purchasing cycle, essential tools and strategies for making the best purchasing relationships work, managing bids, and more.

Process Improvement with Gap Analysis

This course will give you the skills that you need to perform an effective gap analysis that will solve problems, improve processes, and take your project, department, or organization to the next level.

Mobbing in the Workplace

More and more people are becoming familiar with the harmful effects of bullying. Mobbing has been called “bullying on steroids.” You will learn what it looks like, how good people sometimes get caught up in it, and how to ensure your workplace is not a breeding ground for mobbing.

GDPR Readiness: Getting your Message Out

An important aspect of privacy compliance is communication both internally and externally. Employees need to know that privacy-related policies and procedures exist in your organization, and they need to be instructed on their use.

Employee Accountability

Organizations who promote accountability are more successful and more productive. In this course, you will learn about what accountability is, how to promote it in your organization, and how to become more accountable to yourself and others.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Everyone has a responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. This course will give you tools to be able to create the type of company environment that you crave through building and nurturing effective workplace relationships.

Business Ethics for the Office

This course will help you define your ethical framework to make solving those ethical dilemmas easier. We will also look at tools you can use when you are faced with an ethical decision.

Bullying in the Workplace

Although half of workers have experienced or witnessed bullying, policies and laws dealing with it are far less prevalent. People wonder, what does bullying look like? How can we discourage it in our workplace? What can I do to protect my staff and co-workers? All of these questions (and more!) will be answered in this course.

Beyond Workplace Politics: Using Social and Emotional Competencies

Workplace politics encompasses the power and authority processes and behaviours that are at work in a particular workplace. It is how the links between people in the workplace work. This course will explore the social and emotional competencies and their role in working beyond workplace politics!

Being a Team Player

Everyone brings their own skills and strengths to the table; understanding how to use those skills within the context of a team is vital to help an organization succeed.

Balanced Scorecard Basics

Intangible assets (like a company’s reputation, the knowledge base created by their employees, and training initiatives) can make up a huge portion of a company’s wealth. This course will introduce you to the basics of the balanced scorecard and help you determine if this powerful tool is a good fit for your organization.


Collaborators are equal partners. Do we know what it takes to achieve successful collaboration with colleagues? What are the importance and benefits of collaboration in the workplace and how can employers create a collaborative environment and reward employees for collaborative efforts?

Planning for Workplace Safety

The safety plan provides a system of policies, procedures and practices to help prevent accidents/incidents, gives workers the knowledge to help them create a safe working environment and outlines a consistent methodology for the company’s approach to Health and Safety. It is one of the more important safety documents that a company can produce.

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Teaching Courses

Managing Across Cultures

The right training at the right time can make a huge difference in the productivity and profitability of your organization. Whether you are scanning your workplace for opportunities to make things better and training is the answer, or a client asks you to come into their organization and do an assessment, your answer is best framed in the form of a training needs analysis.

Developing a Training Needs Analysis

The right training at the right time can make a huge difference in the productivity and profitability of your organization. Whether you are scanning your workplace for opportunities to make things better and training is the answer, or a client asks you to come into their organization and do an assessment, your answer is best framed in the form of a training needs analysis.

The Practical Trainer

This course will give you the skills that you need so that your students not only learn, but also enjoy the process, retain information shared, and use their new skills back in the workplace.

Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

To reach this stage as an adult educator is not always easy, but success is not just for the naturally gifted. It is possible for all of us who put effort into our personal growth and development. We want the enormous satisfaction that comes from working with others to help them reach their potential as human beings. This course will help you reach that goal.

Training with Visual Storytelling

Training is constantly evolving, just as the needs and desires of learners are constantly changing. This course is for trainers who are ready to make their training stronger, more memorable, and more engaging for learners by using visual storytelling and graphical techniques to create better learning experiences that lead to better retention.

Using Activities to Make Training Fun

Ways to incorporate playfulness into the training classroom include the use of games and other activities, along with humour, which will be explored in this course. Purposeful, well-thought out, and engaging activities in a training course can help learners apply new skills and knowledge, as well as retain that information in a meaningful way, while meeting learning objectives.

Facilitation Skills

This course has been created to make core facilitation skills better understood and readily available for your organization. It represents materials and ideas that have been tested and refined over twenty years of active facilitation in all types of settings.

Developing Your Training Program

This course is designed for a trainer who wants to develop training programs that are meaningful, practical, and will benefit both trainees and the organizations they work for.

Developing a Lunch and Learn Program

This course will give you tools to be able to create a Lunch and Learn Program that creates opportunities for learning that might not otherwise happen.

Train the Trainer

This course is ideal for anybody who delivers training in the workplace or wishes to teach and forms a foundation for those with little or no previous experience of teaching or training.

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IT Courses

Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding: Part 1

Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding: A well-designed website provides customers with information about a company, details on how to find or contact them, and the ability to make purchases and place orders. Businesses of all sizes can use websites to help drive traffic, and to reach more customers than ever before.

HTML and CSS Coding: Part 2

Studies have shown that website design impacts how businesses are viewed, with presentation directly related to trust. With this in mind, it’s crucial for organizations to have well-designed websites. The basis of website design starts with knowledge of how to use computer programming languages, provided in Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding: Part 2.

Slack for Business

Slack is a cloud-based platform that connects teams with the apps, services, and resources they need to get work done. This course is intended for anyone who wants to start using Slack.

Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business 2016 is an instant messaging platform that includes voice calling, video conferencing, and a variety of collaboration features. This course is intended to help learners use Skype for Business 2016 to communicate with their colleagues in different ways.

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365

This course is intended to introduce users to Microsoft 365 and get started with basic tasks, such as logging into and out of their accounts, and modifying basic account settings. They will become familiar with the apps and services included in a business subscription, file storage with OneDrive, and how to manage users, domains, and security.

Microsoft Powerpoint 365: Part 1

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with PowerPoint quickly. We will cover different features of the interface; show users how to create, save, and present a basic presentation; cover the basics of formatting; and discuss how to add multimedia to a presentation.

Microsoft Powerpoint 365: Part 2

We will cover how to change the PowerPoint environment, create customized design templates, work with SmartArt, add media and customized animations, collaborate on presentations, customize slide shows, and more.

Microsoft Excel 365: Part 1

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with Excel quickly. We will cover different features including creating a new spreadsheet, working with basic formulas and functions, making a spreadsheet look professional and presentable, and saving and printing a spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel 365: Part 2

This course is intended to help all users become familiar with the more advanced selection of features of Excel. We will cover how to create and use advanced formulas, analyze data, organize worksheet data with tables, visualize data with charts, work with graphical objects, and enhance workbooks.

Microsoft Outlook 365

This course will help students get comfortable with the Microsoft 365 interface, creating and sending messages, managing contacts, using the calendar, managing tasks, and working with notes.

Microsoft Access 365: Part 1

By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with navigating the Microsoft Access interface, creating a new database from scratch, querying a database, generating reports, sharing data, and much more.

Microsoft Access 365: Part 2

Microsoft’s flagship database application, Access 365 provides the ability to create and manage databases. The second part of our Microsoft Access 365 courseware builds on knowledge gained in the first part, giving an intermediate level of knowledge.

Microsoft Word 365: Part 1

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with Word quickly. We will cover different features of the interface, show users how to create a basic document, and introduce users to Word’s most important tools.

Microsoft Word 365: Part 2

This intermediate-level course is designed to help users who are familiar with Word’s basic features to take their skills to the next level. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with using tools such as styles, macros, templates, mail merge, and building blocks to automate tasks.

Microsoft Teams 365

This course is intended to help all users get started with Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customize Teams settings. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable using the Teams app in their day-to-day workflow.

Microsoft Access 2016: Part 1

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed quickly. It will also help more experienced users who have little to no experience with Microsoft Access and databases in general.

Microsoft Access 2016: Part 2

This, the second part of a two-level course, explores advanced Access features. Whether you’re using Access for the first time, or have been using it for years, this course will help you make the most of Access 2016’s features and tools.

Microsoft Excel 2016: Part 1

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with Excel quickly. We will cover different features of the interface, show users how to print, cover some simple scenarios, and cover the basics of formatting.

Microsoft Excel 2016: Part 2

We will cover how to create and use advanced formulas, analyze data, organize worksheet data with tables, visualize data with charts, insert graphics, and enhance workbooks.

Microsoft Excel 2016: Part 3

Students will cover how to automate worksheet functionality, audit worksheets, analyze data, work with multiple workbooks, export Excel data and import/export XML data.

Microsoft OneNote 2016

OneNote 2016 is Microsoft’s note-taking and organizational application and this latest version incorporates a refined page hierarchy, better searching options, automatic links to pasted content, task integration with Outlook, and a variety of new sharing options to make working with others easier.

Microsoft Outlook 2016: Part 1

Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 incorporates some new features that will help make managing your e-mail and personal information easier than ever. This course will help students get comfortable with the Outlook 2016 interface, creating and sending messages, managing contacts, using the calendar, managing tasks, and working with notes.

Microsoft Outlook 2016: Part 2

This course shows how to configure advanced message options, use advanced message management options, manage activities using tasks, edit electronic business cards, share your workspaces with others, manage Outlook data files, among other topics.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016: Part 1

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with PowerPoint quickly. We will cover different features of the interface; show users how to create, save, and present a basic presentation; cover the basics of formatting; and discuss how to add multimedia to a presentation.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016: Part 2

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft’s ubiquitous presentation software. This particular course covers advanced topics that allow users to get the most of this software, whether they are beginners or experts.

Microsoft Publisher 2016

Publisher 2016 is Microsoft’s desktop publishing program that provides the ability to easily create publications for both print and the web. This course will allow users get up to speed with Publisher quickly.

Sharepoint 2016: For Site Administrators

This course is the final part of our Microsoft SharePoint 2016 courseware and looks at the many features that can help SharePoint 2016 administrators streamline, automate, and facilitate site management tasks.

Sharepoint 2016: For Users

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is an online collaboration tool that is very prominent for businesses and organizations. At the end of this course, users will be able to navigate through SharePoint, search documents, content, libraries, and lists.

Sharepoint 2016: For Site Owners

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 courseware is a collaboration platform that allows multiple users to share documents, exchange ideas, and work together. This course will help experienced SharePoint users learn how to create and manage sites.

Microsoft Word 2016: Part 1

This course will introduce students to Microsoft Word’s most important features. Key topics include creating a new document, making it look professional and presentable, adding graphics, and customizing the Microsoft Word interface.

Microsoft Word 2016: Part 2

This course is designed to help users who are familiar with Word’s basic features take their skills to the next level. The topics covered include using tools like styles, macros, templates, mail merge, and building blocks to automate tasks.

Microsoft Word 2016: Part 3

This advanced course is designed to help power users leverage Microsoft Word to collaborate on documents and secure information. This course also covers techniques for creating complex documents, such as forms or documents that require reference pages.

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