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What’s Your Adult Education TV Character?

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Mr Woodcock – The Sargeant Teacher

If your personality fall on the authoritarian side of the spectrum, you may be a Sergeant Teacher.

You may be thinking of the stereotypical gym teacher making their students do drills. But Sergeant teachers aren’t all tyrants. They may simply want to instill in their students a value system of discipline, structure, and hard work.

These teachers want to see their students reach their full potential. They know that in order for that to happen, their students need to put in the work.

Taking on a stricter authoritarian role can make it difficult to form bonds with students. Teachers with this personality type may need to exercise patience and empathy if they want their students to be able to really view them as a mentor.

For students who are willing to step up to the challenge, Sergeant teachers can be an important driving force in their education and development.

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