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Ross Geller – The Buddy Teacher

Buddy teachers see themselves as just that–friends to their students. This teacher personality type is the extreme on the “personability” side of the spectrum.

Students tend to love this type of teacher because they can relate to them. While some teachers enforce a power structure in their classroom, Buddy teachers are right there cracking jokes with their students.

Because they tend to have a good relationship with their students, students may find it easy to confide in Buddy teachers. Buddy teachers may also be inclined to take the side of their students in discussions about the school system.

The obvious problem this teacher personality type poses is a potential lack of discipline in their classrooms. This teacher personality type may be reluctant to exercise authority for fear of weakening their rapport with students. They may find it difficult to step into an authority role, and their students’ focus can suffer because of it.

Buddy teachers can also be prone to favoritism, since they care deeply about their rapport with their students.

Still, when they find the right balance between structure and personability, this teacher personality type can be a great source of support and mentorship for students.

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