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What’s Your Adult Education TV Character?

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Walter White – The Aloof Teacher

Don’t confuse their stoic demeanour with indifference–Aloof teacher personality types love their jobs. They just don’t want to coddle their students.

Aloof teachers manage to strike a balance between patience and discipline. Because of this, they are able to easily gain their students’ respect.

They value a structured classroom and generally work well within the school system. A practical personality type, these teachers may take the initiative to try and reform aspects of the system that they feel are not functioning as well as they should be.

This teacher personality type will make themselves available when students needs a little extra help. But they also aren’t afraid to give their students a reality check.

Beneath their sarcasm and raised eyebrows is a soft and squishy soul who wants the best for their students. The students who know them well will know that these teachers have a silly side–you just have to coax it out of them.

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